landing-page-optimization1At we focus on delivering professional websites that actually work as a lead generation tool rather than just a pretty shop window.

Websites are useless if they are pretty and don’t convert visitors into leads or customers. Most of our competitors focus on building websites that are just pretty.

We make sure our designs are highly user friendly and conversion centric for Mauritian and international audience.

We want our clients to generate leads and sales from the websites we build and want to change the perception of Web Design in Mauritius.

We have built websites and build websites everyday for clients spread around the world and we can help you dominate your space in your particular niche market in Mauritius.

Strategies to market online are changing by the day and we keep an eye on the latest trends to bring you our global cutting edge experience.

Web Design is a booming industry in Mauritius and we have been here for at least 7 years, we bring world class experience to the table.

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 What is Conversion Centric Web Design?

To understand Conversion Centric Design, we firstly need to understand the term conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the rate at which website visitors take an action you want them to take. You might want your visitors to signup for newsletter, buy a product, register for an event etc.

The rate is the % of success.

Websites should be built with Conversion rates in mind and when we do that, we are actually building Conversion Centric websites.

Non Conversion Centric websites can usually be confusing, not easy to navigate and not have a clear message for its audience.

Traffic is one of the most valuable volatile assets that you have on your website and you must make the most out of every single hit and this is where the science of Conversion Rate Optimization comes into play.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design the process of designing websites that adapt to different types of screens/media.

As you are probably aware, we have more and more users browsing the web using iPads, Notebooks, mobile devices, Smartphones etc so we have to present information on our website so that it can easily be consumed via these devices. Getting websites to adapt to different media is a whole process and does not happen on it’s own. It requires a lot of planning and is very often as much time consuming as building a website for normal screens.

So if you are planning to build a new website in 2013, make sure you ask your web design team to ensure a mobile version.

How Does The Web Design Process Work?